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Stop Punishing Yourself with Food and Start Eating Without Rules

eating without rulesI have talked with many of you recently (thanks for reaching out!) who are deeply interested in fueling personal breakthroughs with conscious nutrition. Yet despite heartfelt interest, many of you were struggling with your relationship to food before contacting me.

I am an expert in Spiritual alignment, Nourishing Self, and  Money and Career. (Awaken, Nourish, Soar!)  I love helping my clients use their relationship to food as a starting point — a way in — to deeper spiritual connection. I adore private coaching for the deep, lasting, and speedy results that level of intensity and commitment inspires.

I am always saddened, however, by the level of guilt so many people, especially women, seem to feel around food. As the holidays approach, the struggle around food, celebration, comfort, and guilt or self-sabotage can often intensify.

The way you nourish yourself with food speaks a great deal about your deepest beliefs.

How do you nourish your soul?  How do you connect to your inner abundance?  What do your actions say about how you view your self?

Particularly for the modern Westerner, food can be a magnificent “way in” to deep soul connection and fulfillment.

The fact that we struggle gives us a magnificent starting point for healing.

For example, many women today have a “food soundtrack” running through their heads for the better part of their day. 

There is almost no time that they are not thinking about what to eat, when to eat, how they felt about what they ate, how someone else will feel about what they ate, what was in what they ate, where it came from, when they will eat again.

This “soundtrack” can be subtle or almost all-consuming. It is very often filled with guilt, judgement, or strict rules.  When women have this soundtrack running, we are punishing ourselves with food. We are taking something that can be nourishing and life-affirming, something we need every day, and using it to “prove” to ourselves that we are “not doing it right”.  Deep down, this supports a belief that we are not ok.

What might happen if that nearly constant soundtrack was consciously co-opted into a spiritual practice?

What if all the energy driving negative repetitive habits and thoughts was joyfully harnessed?

What if you focused on nurturing a vibrant, colorful garden of abundant health, rather than focusing on (putting energy into) what causes dis-ease?

You may think you don’t have time for deep spiritual practice.

You may let “not meditating” be yet another thing that you feel guilty about. You may wonder how you could ever get to a place of eating without rules and feeling fabulous.

Here’s the thing….

You are already spending tremendous amounts of time, motivation, and energy cycling through your food soundtrack.

You don’t need to find more time or energy.

You ned to redirect the time and energy you are already putting out.

Let me show you how to stop punishing yourself with food. After a period of learning new habits, you do reach a place where your relationship with food is transformed from one of guilt and struggle to one of deep nourishment …

…eating without rules

…eating with awareness

… eating with loving kindness for yourself

… eating with a sense of celebration.

You deserve that!


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