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Able to Punch but Willing to Hug: Spiritual Awareness in Everyday Life

When someone comes screaming out of their house at you, yelling and swearing, how many choices do you really have?

My clients know I am always going on about getting out of your current box/trap/pattern.

When you raise your vibration, you begin to develop yourself to a new altitude that is able to take a larger perspective. You grow your spiritual awareness. New possibilities automatically and effortlessly appear.  You literally increase your capacity to respond to stimuli both in the environment and in your internal experience.

The things that get to happen for people as they do this work are incredible, awe-inspiring, heartwarming, hope-strengthening, funny, and precious. I am lucky enough to get to witness these connections and acts of courage every day… but many people don’t even realize such experiences are possible, never mind capable of being common.

Chad StrazaI’d like to thank  Chad Straza for posting and allowing me to share this incredible, personal example of what acting from a higher vibration actually looks like in a daily moment of life. It’s a long post, but you get to witness two people choose to allow connection and healing when they could easily have chosen anger and dismissal. How cool is that?

As clients explore higher vibrational responses and perspectives, a common challenge is the misconception that being in a mindful, open-hearted state equals having no boundaries. In Chad’s story, you can see that, in fact,  self-respect and strong boundaries go together beautifully with the intention to connect.

As you read, notice that Chad’s intent manifests in words that make a connection. The very same words, delivered with a different tone or intention, could have a very different result. It’s not the script which creates the Presence; it’s the Presence that creates the script.

Is Chad aware of his  particular choice points? Where do you think that awareness comes from? What is the last choice point you were consciously aware of?

*(Reposted with permission from a private discussion group, minimally edited for grammatical clarity)

“Ok Sooooo… I think I’m getting the hang of this. I was walking my dog today and a neighbour down the ways got upset because he says my dog took a crap on his lawn. Now I always pick it up. Always!! I carry little bags just for that reason.

The neighbor came out screaming and yelling at me in my face to keep my dog off his lawn. Now normally I would just laugh this off or punch him in the face. Depending how I feel that day. As it is not a crime for a dog to crap on a lawn and I pick it up anyways, but I wanted to have some fun with this kinda work we have been doing.

So I looked at him with a smile and said very calmly,

“Look, I picked it up. (Holding the bag). No harm done.”

He yells at me,

“I don’t give a fuck! I have kids that play on this lawn! Have your dog shit on your own lawn! You fucking idiot! I will call the cops next time!”

I burst out laughing at him. I was like (and said),

“WOW! You called me an idiot Sir?

First of all it is not against the law for a dog to crap on a lawn. So please call the cops, I will even wait for them.

Second I cannot control where a dog chooses to take his crap. I’m not dragging him just to make you happy.

Third you have the IQ of a soap dish because your feeble mind can’t grasp the fact that I PICK IT UP! and you are picking a fight that you can not win because you have no control over this and you are trying to gain control when it’s just silly. So if you want to pick a fight you can’t win over nothing, go do it with you wife or girlfriend, because this sounds like a YOU problem and has nothing to do with me or my dog. If you were not home right now and did not see this you would have never even known it happened, because again. I pick it up.”

He looked at me wide eyed and said,

“I’m terribly sorry. I have had a hard week at work and my wife and I are fighting all the time over things like this. Over every little thing we pick at each other. On things that truly don’t matter. That we have no control over. All the time. I get headaches and such bad anxiety from it.”

I couldn’t believe how he just opened up so quickly. I could tell he was about to break down. So I walked up to him and give him a hug.

I never had a grown man, a complete stranger for that matter, embrace a hug and start crying uncontrollably before. It took me back at first, but I thought I’d just embrace it as he did.

I told him to be happy without a reason in the world, So then you can love and do what you will. Find humor in what you do and you will realize that things are not so bad.

He burst out laughing and said,

“I found it hard to stay mad when you told me I have an IQ of a soap dish. I found that pretty clever and funny!”

We started laughing. He even played with my dog for a bit before I left. It was a good day.”


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