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(Edited, Cheeky Version)

Creative genius born (just like You!), squashes soul connection to fit into confusing childhood. Creates trauma and  drama but survives being a teenager anyway.

Goes on to pursue life-long curiosity for HOW people heal and how to make deep change joyfully.  Degrees and  certifications follow (of course) in Psychology, Religious Studies, Massage therapy, Natural Health Consulting,  Brennan Healing Science, and CrossFit.

What’s next? Better than any degrees, learns how to reconnect to Soul again, starts Living Large. Blissfully  married, learns to be Mom and Household Manager Extraordinaire through trial and error.  Private Practice,  Practice, Practice as both Healer and Coach.

Argh!  The Healer needs Healing! Aggressive degenerative arthritis revealed as magnificent choice point. Victim  mentality, drugs, and surgery?  NO! Instead: Fear-facing, heroine-becoming, knowledge-synthesizing Journey to  Deeper Integrity. Discovers Raw Food and the potential of a Whole Foods Living Diet to heal the body and provide  rocket fuel for personal process and spiritual connection. Completely symptom-free without medication; recovers  FULL mobility; but most appreciates vast new worlds of joyful possibility that open up.

Now: living a magical life of entrepreneurial service to the biggest Dreams I can come up with.  Less mask, more  Soul, and more joy than I ever imagined for myself.

My recommendation?  Whatever you are doing, dream big and have fun.  Want to talk? See how I can help you get  soaring, too?



(Unedited, Serious Version)

I spent the first 28 years of my life not fitting in and looking for love that worked.  There’s a lot of pain wrapped in that one sentence.  I journeyed through depression, self-cutting, and disordered eating.  There were always moments of peace and bliss, if I was able to recognize them. And always a passion for food, consciousness, and healing; for understanding how this whole journey WORKS. The beautiful airy-fairy is… well, beautiful… but my feet are down here  in the glorious mud and I want what works.

My journey of healing took me from traditional psychotherapy, to bodywork, to energy healing, and finally to a place where my everyday ego was strong and healthy enough to start the real work of revealing Spirit.

Currently I am a blissfully married (18 years) mother of two amazing children.  I have been a homemaker, CrossFit Trainer, and Brennan Healing Science Practitioner.  I have degrees in Psychology, Religious Studies, and Brennan Healing Science. I am Certified in Natural Health Consulting, CrossFit, and CrossFit Kids. I’m a certified Money, Marketing, & Soul Coach, an avid reader of The Economist, and a successful investor and entrepreneur. I’m a “Band Wife” and an “oh-crap-I-started-really-late-in-life” beginner social dancer.  I’ve lived a lot of places, including outside Chicago, on the Maine Coast, and on a wild ranch in Montana. Life was good, very  very good, and had been for many years.

B&W Mom And DaughterLaura and Tim


So many of my dreams were manifest… what do you dream for when you’ve gotten everything you ever wanted?

That was a hard question even to own. I didn’t want to rock the boat.  I didn’t think it fair to want more.  Without really realizing it, I made choices to stay still, to play it safe.  I answered the question, “is there more?” by telling myself, critically, “isn’t this enough?”

Yet the soul never stays still.  Slowly but inexorably, I got more and more out of alignment; felt my own self-created pain box closing in on me.  The questions got bigger and more insistent: is this all there is?  Is this all I am?

In 2008 (I was 39) I woke up from years of denial thanks to a full-blown healing crisis. An inexplicable and severe attack of neuralgia in my hands and feet was my own personal “OK, I’ll grow – MORE!” moment. The acts of Grace that flowed in from that moment are too numerous to list here, and are the reasons for this website.

I was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis, sacroiliitis, other “itis’s”: basically systemic inflammation eating away at my foundation – my bones and joints, my ligaments and tendons.  I was prescribed prednisone and cancer drugs, told I would be on pain medication the rest of my life, and to prepare for a hip replacement. Embryonically AWAKE, though terrified, I chose to use all I had learned to journey out of the pain box I had created, without any medical intervention or drugs.

I faced my fears and blossomed anyway.

Along the way I discovered that Raw Living Foods are an incredible support for an awakening journey.  I deepened my connection with my amazing husband. I dared more, and then more.

Once the complete internal commitment to awaken was in place, the actually physical cleansing and healing took less than three months.  I became completely pain free.  My mobility returned – at miraculous speed.  I had been unable to reach the floor, dress myself, or get into a car without help.  Now I was not only pain-free but able to sit in lotus on the floor (and get up again!), participate in vigorous yoga, and rejoin my family in the outdoor pursuits I love.

Physical discomfort was the catalyst – the attention grabber.  My physical healing was profound and dramatically changed my quality of life.  Yet it is the inner doors that have opened, the experience of Spirit, or Grace, in my conscious everyday life, that I have found even more amazing and important.

Although I had always been in the “helping professions”,  quite suddenly I knew I had to reach a larger audience.

I wanted to be able to help as many as I could, and most of all I wanted to connect to and grow with and share the glorious wave of Great Awakening that is available to all of us right now.

Thank you for visiting with me as I answer the drive to live a life larger than just me, in the hope that others who are struggling might feel hope. That others feeling trapped and unclear and sad might take courage, and experience the Grace and power of a deep intent to nurture and listen to the Self.  We really are connected. We really are magnificent.

Throughout my life I have experienced many miracles, and they were often delivered through the simple actions of another ordinary person, who cared.  That authentic sharing plus my intention to grow multiplied by the mysteries of Grace… it’s that alchemy that gives me the courage to put my hand out to you and say to you, “You have been Called. Are you ready to say YES?”

May you find support for your Journey wherever you look.

Laura Lowry


(Just The Facts, Ma’am)


April 2010 to Present:  The Soul Spark Coach

January 2011 to January 2012: Program Specialist,

May 2008 to June 2009: M.O.M. and CrossFit Missoula

Individual, Team, and Kids Fitness Coach

2004-2008: Working at home:  M.O.M

1998-2004: Owner, Energy Works
Private Energy Healing Practice

1987-1997: Private Massage Therapy Practice


July 2011: Certified Money, Marketing, & Soul Coach

April 2011: Certified Raw Food Coach
Completed 12 Month Training + Exams
Karen Knowler Recommended Raw Food Coach

July 2008: CrossFit Kids Certificate

June 2008: CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

1993-1997: Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

1994: Los Angeles Institute of Natural Healing
Natural Therapeutics: Certified Natural Health Consultant

1989-93 Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
Cum Laude Psychology, Religious Studies

1985-1987 Concord-Carlisle High School

1983-1984 Phillips Exeter Academy