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Able to Punch but Willing to Hug: Spiritual Awareness in Everyday Life

Chad Straza

When someone comes screaming out of their house at you, yelling and swearing, how many choices do you really have? My clients know I am always going on about getting out of your current box/trap/pattern. When you raise your vibration, you begin to develop yourself to a new altitude that is able to take a […]

Stop Punishing Yourself with Food and Start Eating Without Rules

I have talked with many of you recently (thanks for reaching out!) who are deeply interested in fueling personal breakthroughs with conscious nutrition. Yet despite heartfelt interest, many of you were struggling with your relationship to food before contacting me. I am an expert in Spiritual alignment, Nourishing Self, and  Money and Career. (Awaken, Nourish, […]

What Does an Energy Healer Do?

How is a trained Energy Healer different from other helping professionals? What distinguishes a trained Energy Healer from a psychotherapist, Reiki Practioner, or counselor? Obviously, a professional who has trained for many years is working on a different level than someone who has just completed weekend workshop.  But among professionals, what is the difference? For […]

Happy Healing New Year 2013

Reflections 2012 So yesterday a client had me in stitches with her comedic parody of how she thought my life goes on a daily level — basically seamless, perfect, and always settled. Not true! Now if you’ve met me in person or visited my site, you know I am always encouraging you to live big, […]

Success Without Sacrifice

Success Without Sacrifice Logo

I just wanted to share with you the visual fruits of several years of labors-of-love! When my husband asked me last year to help him start his own business, I really didn’t know what we were in for with TWO entrepreneurs in the household! It’s definitely not the smoothest, most secure adventure to choose, lol. […]

EVOLUTION on the Spiritual Path

Outdoor Labyrinth at Duncan Conference Center, Delray, FL

One of the best ways to know that you traveling your spiritual path is that you find yourself evolving.  You grow into new forms that both include and transcend what you were before. Labyrinth: A symbol of the spiritual path. While co-facilitating the workshop Success For Healers (presented by Success Without Sacrifice) in December, 2011, […]

No More Back Pain: My Personal List of the Best Solutions

What to do for back pain solutions mindset healing back pain

I promised to share with you what I actually do to keep my back pain and arthritis in check — here it is! Bonus: The Quick List of What Doesn’t Work (Or, How to Create Pain in Your Life!)   Consider yourself a victim. Figure out who to blame. Focus on what you can’t do. […]

Healing Pain

fashion man jumping healthy happy no pain

How do you “heal” pain? The fundamental, necessary attitude is to insist on more than the masking of symptoms. What Does Pain Mean? Pain comes in many forms and teaches us many things. Even moderate, chronic pain can cause persistent depression and worry.  What is your response to pain?  Do you take it seriously?  Do […]

Raw on a Budget

Can you eat beautiful raw food for $10 a day? Absolutely, says Lisa, and I can’t wait to share this “secret” with you… Check out Lisa’s gorgeous menus at  

Top 3 Tips to Spark Your Money Mindset

Women make more money in their business

Are you in a service-based business and struggling to create the income you’d really like? In my own life, each breakthrough in my personal evolution has lead to a breakthrough in how I want to serve. It feels a bit like creating a beautiful container over time: long ago it was small and leaky and […]

Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

What if the answer was up to you? Turn on the news and the world is on fire, flooded, fighting, greedy, and broke. Turn off the news and tell me about your life. Will you tell me of the tragedy that has swept you up past all comprehension, breaking open your world and pulling you […]

On the Joys of Getting Coached…

I’ve just returned from a beautiful retreat with my business mentor, Kendall Summerhawk.  And I am deeply grateful that I discovered the power of great coaching long ago. I LOVE experiencing transformation with a feeling a full support – I call it bumper bowling!  I look at where I am, how slippery my shoes are, […]

Juice Feasting & Green Pineapple Juice

There is a path to healing for absolutely everyone.  I believe this completely – I have seen it happen again and again. I am constantly amazed at the abundance of healing options that can be pursued. Healing doesn’t just mean physical Well-Being.  It means peacefulness, internal evolution, and increased capacity to embody higher energies. Sometimes […]

Juice-Feasting, Sledding, Pain and Paradox: Reflections for A New Year

Happy Holidays

Did you hang with the Divine this Christmas? Whatever holiday or tradition you may be celebrating, I hope that within the family and the traditions, the memories and the hustle, you found time for reflection. I completely unplugged for almost two full weeks, and it was challenging, marvelous, magical, and clarifying. I juice-feasted. ( I slept. […]

Skin Brushing

Soul Spark Coach reccomends daily skin brushing

Daily Skin Brushing exfoliates, stimulates the flushing of the lymph system, and feels great! Wow!  It’s been a busy week! I delivered a lot of great information in the first call of my six-module THRIVE! program. We talked about the ways that food can alter your state, your experience, your feelings, and your energy. And […]