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How Much Good Can You Let Into Your Life?

There is a secret challenge to putting your spiritual journey on the fast track that no one is talking about. The core of your Being is a glorious well-spring of meaningful guidance, purpose, and radiant vitality.  As you face your shadow, align your intent, and learn to consciously connect to that Source, your life changes. […]

How’s Your Life Balance?

What does a “balanced” life mean to you? How close do you come to experiencing that on a regular basis?  What is your response when you find yourself in a state of unbalance? First, let me share my personal biases with you.  Paradoxically, I believe that: 1. We are capable of being much more than […]

Raw Success

A Journal Entry About The REAL Reasons to Adopt a Raw Food Lifestyle

I had an experience today. THIS is why I am willing to change, to do what it takes, to grow myself up to match all the new energy Raw is bringing in. THIS is what I was longing for before I even found Raw. The fast-paced transformation I have been riding recently was to get AWAY from the body/mind/spirit pain box I had created, and perhaps more importantly (at least now that I feel so good, ha ha!!!) it was to get TOWARDS moments like I had today.

Get Unstuck!

5 Steps To Move Quickly From Spinning Your Wheels To Taking Positive, Productive Action.

How to Make Progress When You Know What You “Should” Do But You’re Not Doing It

1. Release The Should.

It’s almost never helpful and it tends to create guilt, apathy, and resentment – none of which helps you to get energized and acting. “Should” is almost always related to a belief system that is in some way faulty… even if the action might be helpful, the way of organizing the thought is not.