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Raw on a Budget

Can you eat beautiful raw food for $10 a day? Absolutely, says Lisa, and I can’t wait to share this “secret” with you… Check out Lisa’s gorgeous menus at  

Get Back On Track with Green Mango Madness Smoothie

Gotten off track lately? Here’s an awesome anytime energizer to get you feeling good again. And you can whip it up in under 5 minutes!   In high speed blender, mix: ¼ cup frpzen rasberries 1 banana 2 cups frozen mango 2 tsp of your favorite green powder (I like Sun is Shining) 4 tbsp hemp […]

Juicy Crackers

Juicy Crackers    When you juice a lot you will often wonder what to do with all the pulp. Throw it away in a garbage bag? Throw it out on your compost? Feed it to the pets? Crackers are a wonderful, tasteful, economic solution and will save you a lot of money.  Just think of […]

Thanks to Ravishing Raw for sharing this wonderful recipe with Soul Spark!

Rapini Green Delight

Delicious Soul Spark Green Drink

I found Rapini greens at the market today — yum!  This very green and simple juice is really delicious — and you don’t have to be accustomed to green juices to think so! If you are lucky enough to find Rapini, try this, or you can substitute spinach. Juice together: 1 bunch Rapini greens 4 stalks […]

Curried Parsnip-Apple Soup

Healthy Vegan Soup

Are you friends with parsnips? If not, this soup is a great introduction! Parsnips are a sweet white root vegetable, paired here with tart green apple and stimulating curry.  Yumm! This recipe makes a huge stock-pot full – about 18 servings.  Divide in half if you want to make a smaller amount, don’t want to […]

Grapefruit-Orange-Lemon Juice

Juice feasting juice

A bit of winter sunshine! To Make, Juice: 5 grapefruits 2-3 Oranges 1/2 to 1 lemons Enjoy! You can also experiment with grapefruit juiced with a clove or two of garlic.  Sounds weird, tastes good!  If this mixture causes you to have intestinal distress or gas, add celery to the juice.  It takes away the […]

David Rainoshek’s Warming Winter Tea

Are you covered in snow? Feeling cold? Fighting inflammation? I have a treat for you!  David Rainoshek of was kind enough to share his wonderful recipe for Warming Winter Tea. It may take a bit of  work to find or order the herbs listed in bulk form, but the resulting tea is rich, delicious, […]

Juice Feasting & Green Pineapple Juice

There is a path to healing for absolutely everyone.  I believe this completely – I have seen it happen again and again. I am constantly amazed at the abundance of healing options that can be pursued. Healing doesn’t just mean physical Well-Being.  It means peacefulness, internal evolution, and increased capacity to embody higher energies. Sometimes […]

My Favorite Rice Bowl

vegan rice bowl

This was the first thing I made that I loved when first transitioning to a low-acid, nutrient dense diet many years ago. I still love it! A few things to be aware of: this dish is a high-carb high-fat dish, less helpful if you are trying to release weight and more helpful if you need […]

Today’s Salad

yummy spinach, beet, zuchini, pea pod flax oil organic salad

I’m a fan of hearty, filling, vibrant salads. And quick food. And easy, delicious food. When I bring veggies home, I chop, grate, and slice my way to 6-7 containers of ready-to-add nutrient dense color.  Aren’t you feeling better already? This salad took me 3 minutes to make — you can do it too! Ingredients: […]

Vegetable Pasta with Sauteed Spinach, Garlic, and Sun-dried Tomatoes

healthy cooked pasta and spinach with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic

It’s 7 degrees F here today! Can you have healthy comfort food? Yes! Ingredients: 2 cups vegetable spelt pasta 1 cup sundreid tomatoes packed in oil 5-8 cloves garlic, chopped 1 smallish onion, chopped 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped 1/4 tsp Italian herbs As much fresh baby spinach as will fit in a large (14 […]

Quick Green Juice

good for what ails you

Realize Fresh Green Juice cures the common cold, the blues, and the aches :), but don’t have a juicer? Did you know you can make juice with just a high-powered blender and a nut milk bag (easier) or fine mesh strainer (harder)? Here’s a very basic recipe for green juice – I start my mornings […]

BEST Healthy Halloween Treats For Your Little Angels and Goblins

Are your kids excited and already getting more processed sugar than you’d like as Halloween gets close?! Check these out: Clementine “Pumpkins” For these and other awesome ideas for your little ones, the best and most creative holiday tips are over at Raw Mom‘s Blog. What’s your favorite raw treat?  What do your kids love? […]

Fall Color Crockpot Soup

Leek, Lentil, Carrot, Sweet Potato… Warm + Easy Fall Soup Ingredients: 1 Large Leek 1 Sweet Onion 3TBSP Olive Oil saute these three ingredients together until onions start to turn clear, about 3 minutes. 1 Sweet Potato, diced into small cubes 3 ears of corn, kernals cut off 6-8 small carrots, thinly sliced 1/4 cup […]

For Aunt Joyce

I was begged for a recipe with ingredients my Aunt could recognize.  No agave, no coconut water, no soaked nuts, dehydrators, Namu Shoyu, jicima, or juicers required. It’s September: the garden gave me corn, carrots, red peppers, and parsley, among other things.  So I chopped up: 4 carrots 2 red peppers 2 ears fresh corn […]