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Heal the inner places that keep you stuck.

Access powerful tools for self-creation, transformation, and bliss.

Become the architect of your own abundance.

AWAKEN is the place to start for new beginnings.


Bring your relationship to food into balance.
Learn how to use food to feel better.

Reduce inflammation and pain. Support your health and spiritual growth naturally.

I specialize in teaching you how to easily and gently support yourself and your relationship to food without triggering guilt, extremism, or depression.

You can choose to Nourish your Magnificence, or feed your pain.

NOURISH is where you learn to love YOUR body.


Transform your experience.

The tools are practical, but the results are extraordinary.

Soar empowers you to become the master of your own destiny, through conscious connection with your inner light.

Whether you are struggling to juggle your responsibilities, create conscious relationships, grow your financial safety net, or come out the other side of illness… it’s time to go beyond just coping.

You can create in alignment with your Soul.

When you practice soul-level wellness consistently, your experience is transformed.

Soar gives you the time and the tools to reach the next level.

You are here for a reason. Your longing is an invitation. Are you ready?

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