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Thrive! Food Coaching: Laura’s 6 Week Kick-Start Program

Laura’s Soul Sparking THRIVE! 6 Week Kick-Start Program

Food Coaching for Health and Spiritual Connection

I have designed a unique program that gently guides you in learning to nourish both your body and your experience of spiritual connection.

During this program we’ll be using different methods of teaching that will speak to you through live calls, printed materials, self-assessment exercises and mentoring.

You’ll get the information you need and you’ll develop the confidence to leave “diets” behind forever, while learning to individualize your food choices to provide peaceful, soul-connecting nourishment for the rest of your life. (If you’re one of the first 5 to register, you’ll even get a special bonus: 1 hour total of pre and post program private coaching!)

What’s included:

  • 6 Week Virtual Workshop Series (What’s a virtual workshop? It means the information comes to you over the phone and/or by webcast. You’ll be able to learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home! I know yore busy, so there’s no travel and no travel expenses involved. )
  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute private goal setting & strategy phone coaching session
  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute private total goal achievement coaching session
  • Bio-chemical, constitutional, and psychological self-assessment exercises
  • Spectrum-of-diet Information Sheet (you won’t believe how simple this tool makes it for you to gently optimize your diet, no matter what you are currently eating)!
  • Simple, Practical, and Profound exercises to help you resolve unhealthy habits

This is the program for you if:

  • You want to LOSE 5 pounds this season rather than gain another 10
  • You want support that works NOW
  • You’re looking for a place to start or just exploring your options
  • You want to learn how to individualize your diet
  • You’re interested in the concept of food as part of your spiritual path
  • You want to be able to work through the material at your own pace


Here’s just a quick overview of the Topics covered in the Program.

This course is specifically designed to help you transform your Food Relationship.

You’ll take a journey that begins with food as a dysfunctional relationship (food feels all about weight/diet/and unconscious addictive habits), and ends with new insight about food as a gift to yourself on all levels.

Wouldn’t you like to create a truly loving and nourishing Food Relationship you adore?!

Call #1 Getting Started: Food, Health, And Spiritual Connection

You’ll get an overview of what the course is and isn’t, and most exciting, what you can look forward to at the end! We’ll cover what I provide and what actions you need to take to get the most out of the program. I will guide you in clarifying your direction and setting yourself up for success.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. Big picture of how we will Kick-Start transforming your Food Relationship
  2. What you must do to succeed
  3. Simple systems to quickly get clear on where you’re going
  4. The most powerful tool for individualizing your diet without the hype and confusion “” listen to what’s right for you, not what’s right for pharmaceutical companies, governments, advertisers, and Big Food.


Call #2 Honor Your Uniqueness: How to Find What Works

You’ll get powerful self-assessment tools. It can be easy and simple to identify the most important choices you are making in your food relationship. By addressing the MOST IMPORTANT issues FOR YOU, you are able to break out of old patterns and create greater change changes more effectively and successfully.

By bringing your conscious attention to your “YOU + FOOD” relationship, you begin or deepen your journey to food as a support for spiritual growth.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. Do-it-now physical, mental and psychological self-assessments. Your relationship to food requires intimacy and honesty “” get to know your unique needs and you’re on your way to Food Relationship bliss
  2. Why you’ve been doing food backwards and how to make changes stick by moving forward instead
  3. Real tools to find what works for you, so you can individualize your diet for health and spiritual connection


Call #3 Honor Your Physical Body: The Secret Macronutrient Knowledge That Can Save Your Life



You will get an overview of Lifestyle Diseases and Metabolic Syndrome. I’ll teach you the essential information about Macronutrient ratios, and we’ll do a fun exercise to help you see that no matter what external situation you find yourself in, from now on you’ll ALWAYS be able to make better choice.  If this information is the only thing you learn in the whole program, you will be FAR ahead of most eaters.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. The dark Shadow side of food in our current culture
  2. The ONE realization you MUST have to free yourself from food tyranny
  3. The macronutrient secret that can save your life
  4. Simple, Practical way to use that secret to protect your health no matter where you are, no matter how far you are traveling, no matter what you are served.  After this call, you’ll have lots of choices, but NO MORE EXCUSES!


Call #4 Honor the Rest of You: Why Macronutrients Aren’t the Most Important Thing, and What Is…

Let’s go beyond refraining from hurting yourself with food and move into how to begin gloriously, lovingly, supporting yourself with food.  It’s nice to get OUT of a bad relationship, and it’s even NICER to get INTO a great one.  We’ll cover how to increase your vitality on energetic as well as physical levels. I will teach you a very simple, profoundly powerful exercise you can use to uncover soul-level guidance around food.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. Taking it further “” why you want to move beyond the Macronutrient Secret
  2. Allowing food to support Spiritual connection
  3. Simple and profound tool to bring sacred connection to your nourishment tonight. You’ll have it forever and using it regularly will change your life.


Call #5 Detoxifying with Foods: the How, the Why, and the What, Plus Your 3-Day Plan

You’re going to LOVE this material!  I have used the process of detoxifying with food to heal myself if degenerative arthritis, neuralgia, and severely limited mobility; to increase my vitality and spiritual insight, to clarify my direction, and to empower the manifestation of my soul’s purpose in my everyday Life.  So you may imagine how excited I am to share this information with you!

Learn what detoxing with food really means.   I will teach you how to choose the right cleanse for you. There are no extreme cleanses presented here.  The material is suitable for all adults, even if you’ve never cleansed before.  And my programs are based on natural, organic whole foods, so I won’t be sending you out for 100’s of exotic supplements you’ll never use again!

Your materials for this week include all the information you need for a 3-day cleanse, with a day or more of pre-cleansing and a day or more of post-cleansing.  Bonus: Over the next 7 days, you will have extra opportunities to connect with me both live and over email, to ask any questions that may come up, and to get extra support as you cleanse.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. Learn my definition of a detox and why it’s NOT necessary to jump to extreme habits.
  2. Learn when NOT to detox.
  3. How to tell a “cleansing reaction” (healing) from a problem (stressful).
  4. Simple ways to choose the perfect cleanse for you.
  5. Done-for-you cleansing programs – Start the New Year manifesting your vision. Make your resolutions successes and breakthrough to THRIVE!


Call #6 Loving Nourishment: How to Keep Your Food Breakthroughs. Do it Easily, Gracefully, and Permanently

We’ll celebrate your successful cleanse!  Then I’ll cover tips for staying on track — and improving — and the tricks I’ve developed to help you.  You will learn two powerful but different ways of approaching long-term change, and when each is appropriate.

What you will take away from this call:

  1. Simple checklist “” how to know for sure when you’re lying to yourself about food
  2. Why eating “whatever you want” is spiritually inefficient — in the beginning
  3. Staying on track “” and improving
  4. The three things you absolutely must have in place to keep your food breakthroughs easily, gracefully, and permanently.




Let’s not forget the bonuses!

  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute private goal setting & strategy phone coaching session
  • BONUS: 1 x 30 minute private total goal achievement coaching session
  • BONUS: There will be extra opportunities to connect with me personally by phone and email during your cleanse week



At the end of this power-packed experience, you’ll know exactly where you are on in the spectrum of diet.

You’ll know, on an individual basis, which (healthy!) foods are likely to support your vitality and which drain your vitality.

You’ll be able to choose foods that support your specific goals while working with your lifestyle, what to do when self-sabotage or resistance rears its head, and you’ll have exercises you can use to support a Food Relationship you love!

FYI:  The same “healthy” food can be unbalancing for one person and healing for another.

I don’t promote a strict approach to eating – I support you in finding YOUR path.

You’ll learn how to stop being buffeted by the latest fad information and start connecting to the deep wisdom within you.

Cost: $325.00

Click here for my 30 Day Happiness Guarantee


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