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Awaken Program

Awaken provides tremendous value for clients ready to open to their soul’s full expression.

If you are new to energy healing or soul level work, this is the best package to help you massively increase the ease with which you move forward in your life.

feel the lightAwaken…You are so much more than your thoughts, feelings, or discomforts.

How much time do you spend caught up inside your own head?  How often does the current crisis in your life seem to take you over?  Do you ever feel like, when you’re down, you’ll always be down?

We all struggle with the events in our lives, the thoughts in our heads.  We judge how we look, what we eat, what we say, how much money we have.  We tell ourselves lies and make ourselves promises we don’t keep.  We struggle with the same issues, over and over, until we feel tired in our very cells, or sick.

We may look to food, toxic relationships, or constant self-distraction to give us some relief.  Yet often the very things we are doing to manage our uncomfortable feelings cause more suffering.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Expand… bring awareness to all levels of your being.

Expand your understanding of who you are.

Expand your understanding of why you are here.


Experience more consciously.

When you begin to expand your consciousness in this dynamic, personal, grounded way, you begin to expereince life from a more balanced and holistic perspective.

You will find that your health improves, naturally.

Your relationships take on greater depth and you begin to shift long-standing negative patterns.

You experience an abiding sense of possibility and hopefullness.  You feel more capable and clear. Your trust in your own guidance and sense of purpose deepens, allowing you to take action with more peacefullness and less wasted energy.

This means you are more effective at whatever you turn your attention to.

Healing energy radiating from palm Your awareness is needed.

None of us have to look far to recognize the pain and shadow in the world.

What difference can one person make?  How would your loved ones, your co-workers, your friends be affected if you let more of your authentic self shine through?

What is the cost to you personally of wasting your energy feeling sick and frustrated?

What opportunities have you missed because you were afraid to follow your dreams?

What are you here for?  When will you begin?


Transform Your Awareness in 90 Days.

  • Map out a bigger perspective on where you are, where you want to go… and how to get there.
  • Discover the basic misconceptions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting your soul’s expansion.
  • You will increase your awareness of your vibrational defenses…so you can easily transcend them.
  • Learn the detailed map to your own Energy Anatomy.

Use that map to master specific skills to help you feel grounded, safe, courageous, loved, and energized.


Experience Holistic Energy Healing

  • The “secret sauce” that makes true transformation possible.
  • Deepen your inner guidance.
  • Learn to communicate more deeply with your intuition.
  • Discover the power of your sense of purpose and intention — connect consciously to your Hara.
  • Experience profound peacefulness.
  • Begin exploring what spiritual connection means to you, and how to deepen your soul connection in ways that are meaningful and authentic to you.


Learn to:

  • address habits that are keeping you sick and tired
  • use simple life practices to increase your energy, confidence, and connection
  • instantly reduce anxiety
  • connect with a loved one who is angry or defensive so that you honor both the love and healthy boundaries


The materials for the Awaken program support the unfolding of your soul’s consciousness in powerful and unique ways.

Yet the experience of going through the Awaken program is one of incredible pleasure and ease, like a light has finally gone on in your head, and there is finally a place for you to rest.


Awaken Program $3500.00
Save $2750+ over purchasing individual sessions


Pay in Full – Save an additional $300
Awaken Program Full Pay Option: $3200







What people are saying about Awaken:

I appreciate you listening with such warmth. You said things that struck me in places that have never been touched before”  –Beth G.  USA

I don’t know how I can possibly feel so good during and after a healing! You always bring me to places I didn’t know I had, and yet they feel like home…I don’t have words. Thank you.” –Sandy L. USA



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