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Awaken Special: Invest in Yourself and I’ll Match your Commitment

Are you looking around my site, and you know this is for you?

The Gift of Growth

Did you wish you could participate in last years’ programs, but didn’t quite make it?

Well, maybe it’s because my mind is turning towards taxes, but I’ve been wondering all week how I could support you in making a commitment to yourself. If you feel drawn to work with me, you know it. And I know I can help you. So I want to make it easy for you to be able to say YES, and get started going where you want to go.

Otherwise, you might just wind up where you’re currently headed, and to borrow a phrase…how’s that working for you?

If you haven’t met me in person yet, you might be feeling nervous, and wonder if I’m the real deal. Commit to 3 sessions. Invest in learning the roadmap to your own energy.  Get clear on how the food you eat can create success and deep inner connection in your life. Learn the steps you can take TODAY to get there.

I’ll tell you upfront, 3 sessions isn’t enough to experience real transformation. You absolutely get insight, but to make the kind of shifts I want for all my clients, you deserve more time.

So if you love our work together in 3 sessions, I’ll match your commitment.

That’s right, I’ll match your 3 sessions
with 3 additional sessions.

I know what it feels like to start with a new coach, and all the questions and fears that can come up. I also know that there’s simply no greater gift you can give yourself than the support, tools, skills and insight you need to move forward. It’s how I got where I am today, and it’s how I keep growing in ways my friends and family find amazing.

So if it feels right to you, if this is your time, commit to your awakening now. I’ll match you.

Yes, I want to create my breakthrough!

Option 1 (Best) Full Pay:
3×30 min sessions for $297, and I get 3 additional sessions

Option 2 Please finance me:
$197 down and two payments of $99

PS. I have to be honest and let you know this is something that won’t last and won’t be repeated soon. I’m launching a new training in May.  This special offer ENDS at midnight APril 15th.