Frequently Asked Questions

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This is great, but I am unsure where to start.

Would you like to start by clarifying your direction, expanding your vision, and exploring where your resistance is holding you back?  I offer new clients complimentary strategy session. I will guide you through a mini-assessment. You will be able to get a feel for me in-person, and we’ll map out the best next steps for you based on your unique situation and goals.  Schedule a Consultation.

Or, just Call 813.867.2080 or Contact Me.

What happens during a healing session?

When you come to my office, you’ll find a comfortable, private healing space.

I’ll talk to you about what’s happening in your energy field, and answer any questions you may have.

After a full assessment, your healing begins. You may be sitting, standing, or lying on a massage table, depending on the type of energy work you need that day. No clothing is removed. I have blankets and pillows to make sure you are fully supported and relaxed.

Energy Healings are 75 minutes. Coaching sessions are just 20-30 minutes, and they easily to fit into your schedule with both in-person and phone options.

You can read more about healing here.

I have (insert your dis-ease here)… what do you recommend?

First, the disclaimer.  I am not a doctor or medical professional.  

I am a highly trained and Certified Healing Science Practitioner (Energy Healer), Natural Health Consultant, and counselor, with a wealth of hands-on experience in vitalistic healing arts and small business entrepreneurship.

I firmly believe in integrated medicine… the more serious your condition, the more you benefit from a team of dedicated professionals that can each bring their expertise to you for you to use as resources for your own healing. I am happy to work with your doctor should you so desire.

However, many medical professionals are still very focused on symptoms and problems. You are primarily an energetic, spiritual being. When you deeply shift your vibration or “blueprint” at the energetic level, your physical experience will change.  

The fact that you are taking the time to read this tells me that you are looking for something deeper and more lasting than the next pill for the next symptom.

To see what I mean, I recommend you watch any American TV commercial for any pharmaceutical product, and compare the length of the list of potential benefits to the length of potential side-effects and complications.

What are your personal goals — do you want to mask your symptoms? Relieve your pain?  (If you are in a great deal of pain, this is a very necessary first step!)  Do you want to find the source of your dis-ease?

Your doctor provides clear medical advice. I provide alternative and complimentary support.  In my experience, profound healing is indeed possible. Working with me is an integral experience of  energy healing and effective coaching that holds you as powerful, capable, and ultimately magnificent.  Soul Spark Coaching raises your vibrational frequency, helps you to connect deeply to the core of your being, and works to uncover the beliefs and habits which have contributed to your experience of dis-ease.

There is a path to healing for everyone. Absolutely everyone.

Healing at this level rarely leads exactly where you might expect.  It is moving and sacred work, and I am deeply honored to be a spark for such work.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, trust yourself and search until you find your next step. There are many wonderful resources out there.  Look for caring professionals who are trained to consider your whole self, rather than see you as a collection of symptoms.

You are a miracle: don’t give up until you find people who treat you like one.

How do you have so many clients outside the Greater Tampa, FL Area?

Great question! I see some of my clients in person, in their home — yes, I do make house calls! I see some clients in my office. However, I “see” many of my clients, who come from all over the United States and occasionally from further abroad, over the phone and/or Skype. You can get coaching in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and you can get direct in-person support. The choice is yours!

What is the cost of working with you?

Packages start as low as $250.00. You may want to  join my mailing list to catch specials I run about twice a year. In addition, I run workshops and seminars; some are low cost or free.

Can I purchase a single session?

Of course!

What are Raw and Living Foods?

Raw and Living foods are minimally processed whole foods, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, that have (somewhat arbitrarily) not been heated above about 114 degrees.  They are “raw” because they are uncooked.  They are “living” because they retain much of their enzymes and nutrients which are often destroyed by cooking.

More importantly, I believe, is that they are literally full of life force energy.  They resonate at a higher vibration than processed cooked foods.  They contain their vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, and macronutrients in the ratios and combinations that are still largely a mystery to modern science.  Processed factory food which has been wrapped, shipped, stored, frozen, and microwaved, simply does not carry the same information to your cells and subtle bodies.

Do I have to eat Raw Food?

No, Absolutely not.

I get this question a lot. I am certified Raw Food Coach and Natural Health Consultant. For those who are interested, I do provide education and troubleshooting on the subject of using whole foods and herbs to support the healing of the physical body.

Other clients couldn’t care less about food.

They come to me for energy healing and personal development.

Both are fine.

In fact, some people shouldn’t eat a Raw Food diet at all.  Eating lots of raw veggies can be harmful to persons with certain gut and bowel conditions. Cooked vegetables are missing enzymes but they are also much more easily digested by persons with severely compromised or unbalanced levels/types of gut bacteria, and less abrasive to damaged intestinal tissue.

Sometimes the most benefit comes from a short “dose” of a raw and living foods diet to help reset specific health challenges. It’s done as an intervention, not a lifestyle.

Many people thrive best on a way of eating more closely aligned with Paleo or Ketogenic, or on a hybrid such as the Wahls’ protocol.

How we nourish ourselves is a powerful question I happen to be passionate about.

But, there is no requirement that you eat a certain way in order to begin the work of deep self-discovery.  Start where you are and know that you are in the perfect place for you.

OK, but what if I really am interested in eating for health and spiritual connection?

If you feel only a little unwell, you have the leisure to make your changes gradually, and often this results in the easiest transition.  If you feel very unwell, you may need to take more intensive measures to regain your health.

I recommend various types of whole food programs as “medicine” — a tool you can use to achieve the level of health you desire.

Furthermore, people are absolutely individual when it comes to their optimum nutrition.  Culture, lifestyle, climate, and belief systems matter as well as genetic and biochemical factors.

Your goals matter!

Low sugar, Paleo-type diets can be very helpful to many people struggling with metabolic syndrome and various carb addictions.

Religious and spiritual wisdom passed down through the ages supports the idea of a flesh-free (vegetarian) diet in attaining inner peace and connection.

Changing what you eat isn’t as easy as every magazine headline and hot new diet book would have you believe. Still, once you discover that it is possible to feel fantastic most of the time, you may become very motivated to continue to upgrade your choices!

If you feel overwhelmed when you think about what to eat, I can help.

What is the Spectrum of Diet?

It’s my favorite description for the continuum of dietary choices.  I first encountered this phrase on the website, by David Rainoshek. At one end of the spectrum of diet is a processed, meat based, cooked, junk-food-heavy diet, and at the other raw living juices or fasting.

There is an entire universe of possible food choices contained between these two extremes.  I specialize in helping you discover how to practically implement and evolve your own most life-affirming food choices.

Do you guarantee your services?

Absolutely. You can read about my Real Results Guarantee here.