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What to Do First, Right Now

You Can Heal More Thank You Think

What Does Great Energy Healing Feel Like? (So You’ll Know If You’re Getting It!)

Local Resources:

Physical Therapy/Corrective Exercises:
Justin Collura, NASM CPT/CES. Tampa-Westchase area. Technically a personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist and not a physical therapist, Justin is simply the best I’ve found for effective corrective exercises to increase mobility and strength while decreasing chronic pain. He knows his anatomy better than most PT’s I’ve worked with and is tough enough to get you through the hard parts. Sure, taking a pill or shot to mask the pain is easier, but Justin can help you correct the physical, musculoskeletal issues causing chronic pain and compensation. Ex police officer, MMA fighter, and inner softie, Justin is one of my secret weapons for living pain-and-drug-free-with-arthritis.


Dangers of Sugar This link to an article by Dr. Mercola is older, but still a good resource and good motivation.

Retreat Centers:

Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center  I’ve have not visited personally with Dr. Cousen’s, though I have studied his work and use some of his materials with permission in my THRIVE classes.

Nurturing Nest Freedom Retreat  This little gem in the dessert is a favorite. It’s not fancy; it is magical.

Detoxification at Home:

Blessed Herbs Pricey, beautifully presented herbal support for cleanses. I personally use Blessed herbs products (not affiliated in any way).  I have found them to be very effective for both myself and my clients when combined with individualized dietary changes.  If not accompanied by dietary changes, results are quite subtle. .  OK, this has become a sales page. You can still use it to get an overview of JuiceFeasting as a health tool.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, David’s program is a great resource with tons of information.  If you are already maxed out, over scheduled, and overwhelmed, you’ll have more success getting personalized support.

Web Tech:

Gecko Designs There’s simply no one better than Gabriel Silverman and his team over at Gecko Designs. They provide solid expertise, lightening fast delivery, and an uncanny ability to hold your hand when you need it and let you sprint to the finish when you don’t.

Beyond all of that, Mr. Silverman simply provides unparalleled customer service. He’s the standard I measure all other service by, and he’s the example I strive to meet in my own business.  Note: If something good happens when you click on my website, thank Gabe. If something bad happens when you click on my website, I’ve been tinkering again and I’m sorry. Really sorry.

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