After the Hara healing my vibration was through the ceiling… I had far more clarity, energy, vision, perception for days. I want you to know how grateful I am for you, your work, your understanding, your presence in my life and our world!!!  With abundant love & light


Abbey S, USA

March 2014

I recommend Laura Lowry to anyone and everyone that might need an incredible person to help navigate through some of life’s many challenges!!

My walk with Laura began in 2013. In January I was told that the school I had worked at, for the last 20 years, picked another younger candidate for a permanent position I was currently working as a temp in.

Since I feel I am still a young person in my early 60’s and I had given them 20 years of great service, I was pretty devastated by this event.  At this time, I was also not in very good health since I was very overweight and it was taking a toll on me.

Luckily my amazing and wonderful daughter thought I should look into [healing]. I told her I really didn’t have the financial means to afford this since I was now unemployed. She persisted and told me she knew someone that she would have contact me and not to worry about the financial end of it. 

Laura called and then sent out a letter of introduction and I have to say that her use of ‘Soul Spark’ was what made me decide to give it a shot. We made an initial appointment… The rest, as I like to tell everyone, was the beginning of an amazing walk down a path that I would never have imagined would be so rewarding and life-changing!

Not only was Laura an amazing person and Life Coach but she also did energy/healing work and was a raw food coach.  I knew absolutely nothing about the latter two but am now 60 pounds lighter and have learned how to find my center, have more energy and mostly realize that I really am a great person with a lot to give!

I am now employed in my dream job of being a nanny to a couple of great young couples with 1 toddler in each house that are such a delight to be around and love!

So although in the beginning I didn’t want to commit to a whole year of work, 3 months after 3 months after 3months after 3 months went by.

I was so glad that I had the opportunity to spend a year doing work with Laura who definitely did give my Soul a Spark again!!

Thank you Laura!



Sandy L., USA

laura Lowry testimonial by Jennifer

If you want a creative thinker balanced by a fantastic problem solver for your business, Laura’s the right choice.

She has an uncanny way to pull out the best in you and intuit the core purposes of your business while zeroing in on your target market in laser-like fashion. Give her the ingredients and the outcome you want and she’ll give you ingenious ways to get there along with the support you need to keep your momentum. She is eager to help, trustworthy in delivery, communicates well, and is always looking out for your best interest.

Snatch Laura up before she’s too busy to take you as a client!

-Jennifer Williams Founder of
The Heartmanity Center

Jennifer Wiliams, Montana

laura lowry testimonial from lourdes

Laura & Tim Lowry showed me what it’s like to both come from a place of authenticity and inspired action.  The synergy that you will feel when you work with this power team will skyrocket not only your business but your personal life.  I highly recommend you connect with them, better yet, work with the best!

-Lourdes Gant, Professional Auditor & Business Advisor, Ranked as one of Canada’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs by PROFIT & Chatelaine Magazines in 2012

Lourdes Gant, Canada

Laura Lowry testimonial by Kendall Summerhawk

Laura is brilliant at helping spirit-inspired entrepreneurs create marketing that is in alignment with their passion and purpose…and that also generates new clients! Entrepreneurs need both proven, practical marketing strategies, AND support in clearing the energetic blocks that prevent so many of them from thriving in business. Laura has a gift for delivering all of this, and more.

-Kendall SummerHawk
Million Dollar Marketing Coach and
Co-Founder of the International Association
of Women in Business Coaching


Kendall Summerhawk, Arizona

rita testimonial for Laura Lowry Soul Spark Coach

Laura Lowry is simply extraordinary. It is rare to find a person who brings heart, focus, possibility, a keen intellect and unwavering support to business and in life. She is one of the sharpest people I know and I feel fortunate to have her in my corner. She is a gift.

-Rita Hovakimian, Business Coach

Rita Hovakimian, California

Laura’s [Thrive!] program was a perfect blend of information, inspiration and practices that could be easily added to even the busiest of lives. Each module was beautifully presented, very clear and easy to understand. The insights I gained during the program were fantastic and the information on sugar consumption is amazing… I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about their health, their food choices and those ready to commit to taking responsibility for creating an amazing life.

-Rebecca Kane

Rebecca Kane, United Kingdom

I came into Thrive knowing I could be eating better, and puzzled about why I was ignoring that. Laura not only solved that mystery, but easily led me into new and healthier habits… a thoroughly delightful, informative, personal experience that has made a lasting difference.

Thank you, Laura. It exceeded my expectations and I’m fascinated by the things that stick.

Rodney, New York

I highly recommend Laura Lowry and her work. Laura is on a conscious path of living the fullness of her Soul. Because of this she “shows up” fully present with an open mind, loving heart, and a spirit of commitment. This commitment that she has made to herself at a deep level resonates through all that she does – including the work she will do with you.

Laura has the ability to perceive the greatness in you. This allows her to hold you in your divine power and support you in letting your true brilliance emerge. If you are ready to take big leaps in your life and let your big vision become your reality, Laura is definitely someone you want by your side.

With love and admiration,

Shellie Nelson, MN