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The Art Of Eating

The Art of Eating: Individualizing the Diet for Health and Connection.

Food can act as rocket fuel or mud in powering both your physical vitality and your spiritual journey. So what’s your choice?

Your life circumstance, biochemistry, and cultural influences all play into your food choices.  For food that heals on all levels, you must take personal responsibility to find what works for you, and be willing to be conscious enough to evolve your choices as you evolve.

For myself, I have found that a Raw Foods Living diet is powerful medicine.  Juice Feasting is powerful medicine.  It is necessary for me to avoid dairy to maintain optimum balance.

I have recommended a gallon of milk a day to a young male client pursuing extreme athletic performance, whose biochemistry supported the use of dairy. I believe in teaching you how to individualize your diet so that you are empowered to make conscious choices that work in your life.

I don’t have judgments about how you eat, or how you should eat.

I have information about how to eat on purpose.  If you have a specific goal, I have information for you on the shortest path to success.

I have studied the use of food for healing and most importantly I have learned by doing.  I have no training as a chef — I’m a working Mom who has to balance theory with my husband’s very different metabolic needs, the kids’ taste buds, intersecting schedules, my energy levels, and all the rest that goes into running a household.

When it comes to cooking/raw food preparation, I am experimenting and learning as I go.  Real life!  Perfection isn’t nearly as important as progress.  Theory isn’t as important as results.

Find what works, for you. I’m here to help. It’s what I do best!

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